The Philosophy of Donald Davidson

Edited by Lewis Edwin Hahn

The Philosophy of Donald Davidson

The Library of Living Philosophers, Vol. XXVII, 1999.

“Donald Davidson (born 6 March 1917), now emeritus from the University of California at Berkeley, is still quite active as a philosopher and a world traveler. An original thinker, one of the best and broadest of the analysts, and a helpful interpreter of the history of philosophy, he has a happy facility for interacting fruitfully with philosophers of many persuasions as well as with representatives of numerous other disciplines. Fifteen or more conferences on his thought have been held in various parts of the world, and more than twenty books have been published on his work. Davidson has been the recipient of more than two score visiting professorships, lectureships, prizes, research grants, and other honors in many countries, and some of his papers have been reprinted at least two dozen times in nine or more languages. For more information on his publications please see his bibliography in this volume.

His intellectual autobiography  provides a helpful summary of his visiting professorship and prestigious lectureship as well as the context of some of major conferences on his work, and some interesting background on many of his major theses. His comments in the autobiography concerning his relations to Spinoza, for example, shed fresh light on both philosophies. The reader may also find interesting his comment that had he known more about the history of philosophy he would avoided some of the tempting errors to which he succumbed.

I am grateful to Professor Davidson and his diverse set of able critics for making this volume possible….”

Lewis Edwin Hahn (Editor)

Departament of Philosophy/ Southern Illionois University at Carbondale/ September 1998.

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