Donald Davidson


Edited by Kirk Ludwing

Donald Davidson

En: Contemporany Philosophy in Focus. Cambridge University Press, 2003.


“Donald Davidson has been one of the most influential figures in modern analytic philosophy. He has made seminal contributions to a wide range of subjects: philosophy of language, philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, and the theory of rationality. His principal work, embodied in a series of landmark essays stretching over nearly forty years, exhibits a unity rare among philosophers contributing to so many different topics. These essays – elegant, compact, sometimes cryptic, and difficult – together form a mosaic that presents a systematic account of the nature of human thought, action and speech, and their relation to the natural world, which is one of the most subtle and impressive systems to emerge in analytic philosophy in the last fifty years.

Written by a distinguished roster of philosophers, this volume includes chapters on truth and meaning; the philosophy of action; radical interpretation; philosophical psychology; the semantics and metaphysics of events; knowledge of the external world, other minds, and our own minds; and the implications of Davidson’s work for literary theory.

This is the only comprehensive introduction to the full range of Davidson’s work, and, as such, it will be of particular value to advanced undergraduates, graduates, and professionals in philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and literary theory.”

Kirk Ludwig

List of Contributors

1. Truth and Meaning — Ernest lepore and Kirk Ludwing

2. Philosophy of Action — Alfred R. Mele

3. Radical Interpretation —Piers Rawling

4. Philosophy of Mind and Psychology — Jaegwon Kim

5. Semantics and Metaphysics of Events — Paul Pietroski

6. Knowledge of Self, Others, and World — Ernest Sosa

7. Language and Literature — Samuel C. Wheeler III





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