The Philosophy of Action: An Introduction.

Carlos J. Moya

The Philosophy of Action, an Introduction

Polity Press, 1990.


1. Actions and Happenings

    1.1 Agency

    1.2 The Search for Agency

    1.3 Basic Actions

2. The New Volitional Theory

    2.1 Hugh McCann: Basic Actions are Volitions

    2.2 Brian O’shaughnessy: Trying, Mind and Body

    2.3 Jennifer Hornsby: Actions are Tryings

    2.4 Summary

3. Some Remarks about the Ontology of Actions

4. Meaningful Actions

5. Agency and Intentional Action

6. The Intentionality of Mind

7. Intentionality and Science

8. Laws and Explanation of Actions: P.M. Churchland

9. Laws and Prediction of Actions: Decision Theory

10. Davidson’s Causal Theory of Intentional Action

11. Wayward Causal Chains

12. Intention and Intentional Action

13. Davidson’s theory of Intention

14. Agency and Physycal Determinism

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